Delhi Relief

Orphan Scholarship

Our Orphan Care programme is dedicated to providing quality assistance for orphans regardless of their religion, creed or gender. It also strives to ensure orphans receive the basic necessities of life - providing them with food, clean water, regular medical check-ups and education.

Orphaned children are among the most vulnerable in society. They are often left in the care of elderly relatives who do not have the ability to support them and often consequently receive no education and are driven into work at a very early age missing out on a real childhood and education. This obviously affects them for the rest of their lives and they are not able to develop into respectable members of society.
Our Orphan Care Programme is designed to address the needs of the orphans and improve their lives in a way that respects and preserves the customs and traditions of the communities in which they reside. Through Orphan Care Program we not only assist orphans and needy children, but also benefits the communities in which they live.

Every month your scholarship helps one unordinary child continue with her dreams.