Our flagship project “VISION 2016” has just completed its 10-year time span. Its an ambitious plan to bring about transformation on the social landscape of the country. The plan envisage the establishment of d multifarious institutions across the country, with a strong human resource of committed volunteers and recognized community leaders.

It serve the purpose of humanity and the d Almighty as well. It s dedicated to going wa beyond charity by enabling the people to the optimum levels t n d . Its rue orth lie in making a society having peace, prosperity and justice for all. It call for a society with for the ed justice maximum of the masses at large. It aimed at enabl the have nots to access the ing resources for a total change in their lives and hence promotes the country to step into a new world. It help people meet their social and ed spiritual needs by their own efforts. It strive to d build trust and relationship with the needy people whose prosperity and security are ever at stake. The program intervene the needs of d the day when one-thirds of country's population is hard to meet the basic amenities for its servility. It s all about total upliftment wa of the Indian society with a view to vertical mobility of every individual and group of people.

Up thrust areas of the program were Education, Healthcare, Micro Finance, Civil Rights and Women Empowerment. Target beneficiaries were defined by outcome of the Sachar Committee Report, i.e. Indian minorities. But focus goes to minorities residing in northern half of the country i.e. from Assam to Gujarat.




Established by a group of eminent community leaders in 2006, Human Welfare Foundation (HWF) has become one of India’s leading nongovernmental organizations dedicated to carrying out humanitarian and development programs to fight poverty and people’s sufferings by working in partnership with vulnerable communities regardless of faith, caste, gender or political beliefs. Human Welfare Foundation is striving for a fairer world. Our mission is to help the poor and those in need to live sustainable, self-reliant lives within safe and caring communities. Our work is guided and shaped by the core values of accountability, humanitarianism, neutrality and impartiality, inclusiveness, integrity and co-operation, all of which are also integral to our faith.


The HWF acts as an umbrella body with several distinguished and experienced community leaders on its board of trustees. It has over 200 local partners spread over 20 states, implementing 4774 projects. The number of beneficiaries so far is well above 9 million.

HWF, along with its partners, is primarily focusing on following fronts:

Education HealthcareMicro Finance & Poverty Alleviation, Disaster Management, Civil Rights Protection, Drinking Water, Orphan Care, Women Empowerment and Community Development