Delhi Relief

School Bags

Given the evident benefits of an education, why do so many children fail to get one? Cost is one of the more obvious reasons why children do not get access to education, given that some families must meet their essential needs – food and shelter – first. HWF strive to bring the un-enrolled children back to school

In spite of remarkable achievements in the field of education, India’s position is extremely poor as compared with other Third World countries. Per-capita expenditure on education in India is one of the lowest in the world and is going down in real terms. High school enrollment rates are marred by equally high drop-out rates. Almost half of the Indian population is still illiterate; India harbors the largest mass of illiterate population in the world. Even the minimal infrastructure, such as proper rooms, class desks, drinking water facility toilets, is and missing in a large number of schools.

Every month your scholarship helps one unordinary child continue with her dreams.