Delhi Relief

Skill Training Program

Many people are stuck in a poverty trap because they do not have the resources to develop their skills and work their way out of destitution. Income generation opport unities empower impoverished people to learn new skills, achieve self-sufficiency and improve their livelihoods

With the changing economic scenario and global competitiveness there is a yawning mismatch between the skilled manpower required and skilled manpower available. Every year we churn out millions of graduates who do not have the specific skill sets required by the market. The most pressing need of the hour is to create a pool of qualified and knowledgeable skills to narrow the gap between demand and supply of skilled manpower. Vocational training will not only create an equilibrium of demand and supply but will also help a number of unemployed youth find work and live a decent life.
In backdrop of this, Vision 2026 program has came up with a plan to establish

  • Five Cooperatives for Modernisation of Traditional Occupations
  • Ffty Vocational Skills Development Centres
  • Skill & Entrepreneurship Development Courses for Women.
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