Vision 2016

In 2005, it all started as Vision 2016, a decade-long vision to bring about sustainable change in the socio-economic status of marginalized and deprived communities living in the poorest conditions, mainly in the states of North and North-East India.

After a year-long highly consultative process, a flagship project was launched with the objective of closing the gaps between the two apparently distinct versions of India.

Over the last ten years, the focus has been on the North and North East states of India, where extreme poverty largely resides today. But the goals that we adopted under Vision 2016 plan are far from accomplished. Even back then it was envisioned that the first ten years program period will be a time slice of a much longer period, needed to accomplish the goals of the program.

Vision 2026

This plan, therefore, continues (Vision 2026) along the path laid out by the first plan but with some important modifications. Based on all that we learned from the former program, we are also modifying our approach by aiming to engage with a wider cross-section of the public so as to build a larger supporter and donor base. And we will also be aiming to build many more partnerships so that we can leverage our work and become more beneficial collectively to achieve the very ambitious goals and targets that we have set out for ourselves for the coming ten years.

Through the Vision 2026 program, we aim to create a just and harmonious society where everybody shares and cares for the poor, unprivileged and exploited people and make our society a better place to live in.


  1. To strive for holistic and sustainable development work among the poor, marginalized, downtrodden, illiterate, vulnerable and the exploited ones, irrespective of their caste, creed, language, sex or religion.
  2. A positive socio-economic life to bring change in the lives of Indian Muslims and other deprived communities and to uplift their status at par with the national average thematic areas in of human development.
  3. To enable them to contribute towards nation building in all spheres of life.

Strategy for inclusive change

Our Vision 2026 approach will be guided by the objective of reducing inequality and vulnerability by closing the gaps between “the haves” and “the have-nots” based on geography, class, caste, religion, and gender. Our interventions will be guided by the broader purpose we have committed ourselves to in our strategy.


  • Focused and targeted social change with clear, measurable goals.
  • Inclusive & participatory approach.
  • A sustainable module of change.
  • Leverage available resources.


Our Vision is to go hand-in-hand to serve the deserving. Through various community service projects and with the support of our caring and generous donors, the partnering NGOs under Vision 2026 are engaged in helping people with little or no resources. With the high spirit and dedication, Vision strives to alleviate human sufferings and also to help them achieve real improvement in the quality of their lives.

Our mission is to serve the poor and deprived sections of the society by providing them the basic amenities like education, healthcare, food, and shelter that equip individuals to become an equal partner in the progress of the nation, and by helping the sufferers of calamities to move towards a world free from hunger, ignorance, deprivation, and exploitation.

We aim at the grassroots level with a distinct preference for the depressed and the disadvantaged sections, enabling them to attain all that a common citizen cherishes.


  • Compassion
  • Empowerment
  • Justice
  • Accountability


Our current projects address eight of UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)