We believe that access to education is not just a basic human right, but a key factor in reducing child labour and poverty. Education provides the key to a better future, helping people to increase their skills, fulfil their potential and pursue their goals. But millions of children across India are denied even basic education. Under Vision 2026, the partner organizations strive to provide impoverished communities with access to education and training, which offers them a way out of poverty.


  • Educational Campuses (Mewat, Malda, Rargaon, Howrah, Guwahati)
  • The Scholar Schools
  • Construction of schools and hostels
  • Capacity building of existing schools
  • Talent Search Examinations
  • Training and Academic Guidance
  • Scholarships
  • School Bag and Kit
  • Prof Siddique Hasan Knowledge Village, Mewat (Upcoming)
Education Education Education